Top 5 faulty assumptions in sports betting

If all unsuccessful punters have something in common – except that bets lose more than they win – it’s the one that makes too many assumptions. The problem is that sports betting requires that you look at the facts, that subsequently compared and then determined which factors are important and which are not. It is challenging enough even if your facts are well-founded and proven.

When we try things based on something that is not proven, you are lost. Do you get problems even if the percentage of unsubstantiated assumptions relatively low. In most cases, however, very high, leading to severe loss. Below you will find the top five bookies faulty assumptions:

1) Player Value

People generally love big stars and assume that they have every game a huge impact. In the eyes of the public (a large percentage of bettors) such players can win matches virtually alone. This belief is often reflected in the movement of exchange rates in a situation where the key player injured.

But the truth is that the benefits of the stars is often overestimated. Before you make a bold assumptions about certain players, fully aware of how beneficial a player for the team was (long-term and over the last few matches).

2) Strength Team

There are teams for which people always think they are good. And on the other hand are teams which people at all times think they are wrong, they lose the match, has advanced to the playoffs and so forth. In baseball teams are vyzdvihovanými example, Yankees or Red Sox, while the Royals and Orioles are always considered outsiders. But sometimes Yankees and Red Sox do not submit such a good performance, as expected, while the Royals and Orioles you can seamlessly hike on the favorite.If you want to be a bandarq game winner, check out judi online now! Invite as many friends as you can and get an abundant referral bonus every day. Do not miss the many exciting things Masterdominoqq gives you!

Most bettors Unfortunately, during the second says that the Yankees beat the Royals and the next thing is not engaged in the analysis of the match, which is ultimately worth the money. These assumptions – mainly based on laziness bettors – lead to a large number of unsuccessful bets.

3) Your advantage for certain type of bets

To be a sports bookmaker, you must have ego – you must believe that you are able to outwit bookmakers and teams that you know better than they know their own players. The same ego but bettors often leads to the fact that they believe are more successful than it actually is. Punters often continue to deploy the type of bets on which undergo long as you (mistakenly) think they are successful.

It is very hard to find in sports betting lasting advantage, so it is very important that you led the betting records and regularly countered that it is to your advantage is real. For this purpose, the perfect serve Diary punter.

4) The influence of the home environment

The advantage of the home environment is a factor known as experienced, and only occasional gamblers. Punters are automatically favor the home team – especially because the home team is the favorite and often betting public loves betting favorites. Sometimes the influence of the home environment really important factor, however, for some teams home stadium does not represent any advantage at all.

Some teams are at home weak and thrive better outdoors. Some fans support their team better, some worse. A separate chapter is then home games the team, which has long served poor performances and fans are angry at the players. In this case, the home team fits a huge blanket. Be careful, therefore, not to influence the domestic environment unnecessarily attach much importance.

5) Pairing teams

Many bettors make strong assumptions on the basis of a simple pair of teams – if in the league round, a team plays good defense against a team with an average offensive, they automatically assume that a strong defense with an average attack opponents and advise the team wins the match without any problems.

Punters in the moment absolutely do not take into account other factors. These, however, the result may be even more important and can even clearly testify that the match will end opposite result than that predicted by our lazy punter. Within the pre-match analysis must always thoroughly analyze all the factors. Only then you can make some conclusions.

Betting on tennis – you bet against favorites

Every experienced gambler knows that sometimes losing even the biggest favorites. In such situations bookmakers rubbing their hands, because the vast majority of punters bet on the favorite. But not always have to be a tragedy – can be on the side that won. After all, a good course is the foundation for successful betting. Higher rates will offer good value courses more likely than low. So what you should take when looking for an outsider who has a decent chance of winning? Below you will find some tips.

Health problems and fatigue

You should always keep track of injuries and a variety of issues which the given player hinders the delivery of 100% power. It is clear that if the injury is more serious character, a tennis player will not play at all, but if it is some minor injuries, tennis players and their team will try to minimize the negative impact of injuries that could match play tennis player. But it is not able to give 100% performance.

Another important factor is fatigue. For example, if a tennis player played yesterday (or even yesterday) long and arduous struggle, fatigue is certainly reflected on it – especially if the game is balanced and will play the maximum number of sets.

Mainly But you should concentrate on the players who are returning to the court after a recent injury. If the bookies that player deemed the favorite, not a bad idea to bet against him. Injuries (and therefore absence wrestling pace) will sign on each. No tennis player is unable to play in the very first match at 100%.

Bad form

Most of you on this factor certainly knows, but for completeness we also include it in this article. Current form is a very important factor, even a bad players (short-term) do players to bet that pays off. Players won matches after gaining greater confidence that pushes them farther and farther. Conversely, players who have a bad cord, quite often forfeited even more.

If you see the average player in good form, which is to build a good player, which form has passed, it may not be a bad idea to bet on it. But it is true that you have to form individual players closely monitored.

Poor lose

About every tennis player has a player against whom he fail in the long term. This phenomenon arises for example due to the contrasting playing styles. Players with strong administration will always have problems against players who have a great return. Tennis players relying on the administration would usually have no other weapon in a long period of opponents fail too effectively equal. In this case, losing just a matter of time.

It always depends on how tennis players are able, to struggle with weapons opponent. It is also interesting that in a match between two players is often the favorite and the player who against their future opponents several times already lost. In such matches can hide good value.

Situation in the tournament

This factor affects in particular the smaller tournaments. You may have already noticed that smaller tournaments usually have fairly surprising results. The reason is that some players do not take these events too seriously, while some players this tournament sees as an opportunity to make a breakthrough in his career.

Extra motivation usually have players at the tournament live. In combination with the fact that strong players these tournaments sometimes not taken seriously (focus should be on preparing for the Grand Slam, after treatment of minor injuries …), it may be a good opportunity to bet on.