Betting on tennis – you bet against favorites

Every experienced gambler knows that sometimes losing even the biggest favorites. In such situations bookmakers rubbing their hands, because the vast majority of punters bet on the favorite. But not always have to be a tragedy – can be on the side that won. After all, a good course is the foundation for successful betting. Higher rates will offer good value courses more likely than low. So what you should take when looking for an outsider who has a decent chance of winning? Below you will find some tips.

Health problems and fatigue

You should always keep track of injuries and a variety of issues which the given player hinders the delivery of 100% power. It is clear that if the injury is more serious character, a tennis player will not play at all, but if it is some minor injuries, tennis players and their team will try to minimize the negative impact of injuries that could match play tennis player. But it is not able to give 100% performance.

Another important factor is fatigue. For example, if a tennis player played yesterday (or even yesterday) long and arduous struggle, fatigue is certainly reflected on it – especially if the game is balanced and will play the maximum number of sets.

Mainly But you should concentrate on the players who are returning to the court after a recent injury. If the bookies that player deemed the favorite, not a bad idea to bet against him. Injuries (and therefore absence wrestling pace) will sign on each. No tennis player is unable to play in the very first match at 100%.

Bad form

Most of you on this factor certainly knows, but for completeness we also include it in this article. Current form is a very important factor, even a bad players (short-term) do players to bet that pays off. Players won matches after gaining greater confidence that pushes them farther and farther. Conversely, players who have a bad cord, quite often forfeited even more.

If you see the average player in good form, which is to build a good player, which form has passed, it may not be a bad idea to bet on it. But it is true that you have to form individual players closely monitored.

Poor lose

About every tennis player has a player against whom he fail in the long term. This phenomenon arises for example due to the contrasting playing styles. Players with strong administration will always have problems against players who have a great return. Tennis players relying on the administration would usually have no other weapon in a long period of opponents fail too effectively equal. In this case, losing just a matter of time.

It always depends on how tennis players are able, to struggle with weapons opponent. It is also interesting that in a match between two players is often the favorite and the player who against their future opponents several times already lost. In such matches can hide good value.

Situation in the tournament

This factor affects in particular the smaller tournaments. You may have already noticed that smaller tournaments usually have fairly surprising results. The reason is that some players do not take these events too seriously, while some players this tournament sees as an opportunity to make a breakthrough in his career.

Extra motivation usually have players at the tournament live. In combination with the fact that strong players these tournaments sometimes not taken seriously (focus should be on preparing for the Grand Slam, after treatment of minor injuries …), it may be a good opportunity to bet on.

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